Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Master "Catch-Up" Post

I've been spending so much time focused on family and business that I haven't had much time to spend working on this blog! Well, here's what's happened in the last long while:

  • We had an incredible family Christmas holiday like nothing I've experienced in quite some time.
  • I had a catastrophic motherboard meltdown on a brand-new laptop and ended up going back home to Mac. I'm now the proud owner of MacBook Pro and am contemplating names for it.
  • I've traveled to London and back twice, am heading to L.A. shortly, and also have a trip to Uruguay in the spring. Plus, we're also looking at a Las Vegas weekend. It should be a busy spring.
  • We lost Lucky, the three-legged hamster on New Year's Eve and buried him the first day of the year. All of the other four hamsters are doing quite well and being spoiled.
  • I discovered and quickly became addicted to Pinterest (note my new "Connect with me" links on the right sidebar).
That's pretty much it. I'm working on launching Business in Blue Jeans Radio and getting my new web sites launched, and my annual, "It's cold so I need to make copious amounts of soups and stews and look at seed catalogs" sentiments are in full gear. 

Stay tuned for more updates and fun stuff as I get back into the groove of posting!